Clear language: what can Mar@boe do for you?

Clear communication is more important than ever, and well-written texts are essential in order to achieve this goal. Whether we’re talking about a website, brochure, advertising campaign or scientific article, your message relies on the quality of your text. On this page, you can read how I can help you with that.

Translation from English and German into Dutch

Genuine human work

In these times of DeepL and ChatGPT it’s easy to forget, but the translation of high-quality texts fit for publication really is a job for human translators. Although these online tools are indeed very handy if you don’t understand the menu on holiday, we all know of countless examples of painful mistakes and incomprehensible gibberish or perhaps even worse, texts that look fine at first glance, but with content that turns out to be inaccurate.

Cultural differences
Translating is so much more than just converting individual words into another language. A good translator takes into account cultural differences between the readers of the original text and those reading the translation. They keep an eye out for metaphors, irony and references to actual events, and look closely at the subject of the text in order to choose the right terminology.

Matching your corporate identity

I always go through the text thoroughly and ask questions if something is unclear. If you already have a terminology list, style guide or other reference materials, I would be happy to use them in order to ensure the translation is perfectly in line with the house style of your company or organisation

Consistency and quality
So you don’t use any computers? Of course I do! I use special software that helps me to ensure consistency and carry out extensive quality checks. But because real translation is work carried out by humans, I also work with a colleague who carefully checks my work again, so that you can be sure of the best quality.

My fields of expertise

I can help you with all sorts of general translations from English and German into Dutch, but I specialise in the following fields:

  • History, archaeology, and heritage
  • Advertising and marketing (see transcreation)
  • Brewery, distillery and beverage industries (more about that here)
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Media localisation and games

If necessary, I can provide certified translations of your official documents.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a creative form of translation. The term is mainly used in marketing and advertising, but the principle can also be applied to other fields. The essence of transcreation is translating the meaning and message of a text and not necessarily the words themselves. Transcreation makes texts sound more natural and increases their impact, because it takes the culture and expectations of the target audience into account.

A creative translation is recommended for all texts that aim to get the reader’s attention or convince them, but sometimes transcreation really is a must, for example for advertising slogans. This kind of translation uses a lot of wordplay, rhythm and rhyme – elements of style that would get lost in a translation that is too literal. Here the translator needs to distance themself from the words and write new texts that are just as fresh, captivating and effective as the original.

How does it work?

A transcreation project consists of several steps: Click on a + below to read more about each step.

Firstly it’s important to determine what we expect from each other and for which application and target group the translation is intended. Perhaps you’ve already put together a briefing that I can use? I will then read through it carefully and ask any questions that come up, to make sure we understand each other. Don’t have everything clearly set out yet? No problem, then we can discuss your wishes together, or I’ll send you a handy questionnaire that you can fill in.

Based on the briefing, I put together a quote which lets you know what to expect, when I can deliver the work and how much it costs. So you know precisely where you stand beforehand.

On the agreed delivery date, I send you the Dutch texts, if necessary with an explanation and a literal back translation. For slogans I provide you with several different options to choose from.

If you like, I can also read through the formatted text one last time before publication, so that you can be sure that your campaign looks its very best!


If you want to reach a Dutch-speaking audience, I can help you by translating your English (or German) texts into Dutch. But what if you don’t have a text yet, or your English text is not suitable for your Dutch target group? That’s not a problem at all. I can translate your ideas into clear and attractive Dutch texts, tailored to your readers.

To write the perfect text for you, I need to know what information you want to convey of course, but also who your intended readers are, and where and how the text will be published. And I also need to know a little bit more about you, to make sure the text matches your style. So before I start writing, we’ll discuss the project together via email, phone or Zoom – whichever you prefer.

After I have written the first draft, I will ask you for your feedback and use it to write the final version.

I write longer copy, but also very short texts, such as headlines and slogans. That is an art in itself, as it requires creativity, clarity, and conciseness, all at the same time.

Short as they are, these texts have a huge impact: they make the reader decide to read on – or not.

So whether you need a lot of words or just a few – I can create the Dutch content for your project.

What is a certified translation?

Some translations, for example translations of legal documents, can only be provided by translators who are registered in the official Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators. Sworn translators have taken an oath at a Dutch court of law and have to periodically demonstrate that they meet the set education and experience requirements. A certified translation includes an official stamp and the signature of the translator. In most cases an authority that requires a certified translation will specify this clearly. But even when a certified translation is not mandatory, it may be a good idea to assign your translation project to a certified translator. Anyone can say they are a translator: there are no legal requirements to this claim. Certified translators have demonstrated that they meet stringent requirements.

For business clients, I can carry out the following translations:

  • Sworn translations from English into Dutch, for use in the Netherlands
  • Sworn translations from German into Dutch, for use in the Netherlands
  • Certified translations from English into Dutch, for use in the United Kingdom

Good to know: sworn translations are sent by post, so the delivery time is often a bit longer. Translations can be sent by standard mail or registered mail.

Revision, editing and proofreading

As well as translating English and German texts, I also check texts in Dutch. These texts can be translations carried out by someone else, or texts originally written in Dutch. Sometimes only a few minor changes are needed in order to put the finishing touch to a text, but a complete re-write is also possible, for example in order to adapt the writing style to a different target audience or medium.

I’m happy to take care of everything for you by checking the formatted text one last time before publication, so that you can be sure of avoiding any surprises.

Special requests? Let me know!

Some projects require additional tasks. I strive to deliver a complete service, so if there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know. I can’t work magic, but I do have a few extra tricks up my sleeve!

Extra services include:

  • Project management for large or multilingual projects
  • Audio-script spotting and coordination/direction of voice recordings
  • Cultural consultancy
  • Making your texts suitable for both the Dutch and Belgian markets (together with a Belgian colleague)

Want to find out what I can do for you?

Do you need a translation that falls within one of my fields of expertise? If so, I would be happy to help you with this. Get in touch to discuss the details of your project.